Chiaogoo Swatch/Needle Gauge

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The Chiaogoo Swatch/Needle Gauge is a useful measuring tool for all your knitting and crochet projects.

It can be used to check the tension/gauge of your swatches, take measurements and size your knitting needles & crochet hooks. The cut-out section allows you to accurately measure your stitch and row gauge.

This handy double-sided tool features:

  • Metric & US rulers
  • Tool for measuring swatch stitch gauge
  • Tool for checking your knitting needle & crochet hook sizes 
  • Knitting needle conversion chart (to compare metric, US & UK needle sizes)
  • Crochet hook conversion chart (to compare metric, US & UK hook sizes)
  • Yarn type gauge range guide

It is made of durable plastic and measures 14cm square.