Curious Handmade Rainforest Canopy Shawl - Merino Singles Kit

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We are pleased to offer a knitting kit for the Rainforest Canopy Shawl, a Curious Handmade pattern.
A number of kit options are available which feature a copy of the pattern and enough yarn to make either the small triangular or medium triangular size versions of the pattern, in our O'Reilly's or Esk colourways.

The canopy of the ancient rainforest is a magical, self contained world. Countless trees, some more than three centuries old and two hundred feet tall, filter the hazy sun into flickering beams and pools of light.

Cool, damp, and dim, it is home to a dazzling, diverse ecosystem. In the shelter of these branches, dainty fairy wrens, clever catbirds, and flocks of rollicking parrots squabble and swing from the vines. Orchids, moss, and ferns flourish in every available space. A million tiny beings climb, scurry, and slither to safety, living out entire lives without once touching the forest floor. It is a place of immense beauty and unending inspiration.

Inspired by the lush textures of the natural world, the Rainforest Canopy Shawl was designed for the O’Reilly’s knitting retreat, held in Lamington National Park in Australia.

Quiet stripes of stockinette alternate with sections of dappled lace for a romantic but understated accessory. This shawl is ideal social knitting: relaxing, simple, and easy to pick up between bursts of conversation.

Kits will be dyed to order and will ship within 7 days.

Colourway options:

We offer the kits in both our O'Reilly's (deep green) and Esk (dusky purple with green and gold speckles) colourways on our Merino Singles yarn base.

Choose from two sizes and shapes:

  • A single skein triangular shawlette, with finished dimensions of:
    • 127cm (50”) across top edge
    • 97cm (38”) across cast off; or
  • A generous 2 skein shawl in the triangular version, with finished dimensions of:
    • 147cm (58”) across top edge
    • 127cm (50”) across cast off end

The shawl can be knit in either stockinette or garter stitch for the background 

You will need a 4mm, 100cm long circular knitting needle.  These are available in our shop here.

If you are new to Curious Handmade knitting patterns you are in for a real treat! Helen's stunning designs and her super-friendly Percentage Checklist System make knitting an absolute delight.  You can find more Curious Handmade patterns at  

Kit Inclusions:

  • The small kit includes one (1) skein of Louie & Lola Merino Singles in either the O'Reilly's or Esk colourway, enough to make the small triangular Rainforest Canopy Shawl, together with a Ravelry download code for the knitting pattern.  
  • The medium kit includes two (2) skeins of Louie & Lola Merino Singles in either the O'Reilly's or Esk colourway, enough to make the medium triangular sized Rainforest Canopy Shawl, together with a Ravelry download code for the knitting pattern.   

If you would instead prefer to receive a printed copy of the pattern rather than a Ravelry download code, please email us at

Each skein has a meterage of 366m / 100gm per skein and is comprised of 100% superwash merino, single ply, fingering weight yarn.

All yarns are hand dyed in small batches using professional quality acid dyes and heat set to ensure colours that will last.

Every effort has been made to remove any excess dye from the yarn, however a little may remain, particularly with dark and rich colours.  It is therefore recommended to gently hand wash your hand dyed projects on their own, in cold water, with wool wash or a mild detergent.

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