Thread & Maple - Cork Notions Zip

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These Thread & Maple compact zip pouches are great for safekeeping your essential notions or tiny bits.

Each one is handmade by Portuguese artisans from the highest quality local cork fabric.

They are dyed with all natural vegetable dyes to produce these beautiful pastel colours.

While they are soft and delicate to the touch, cork is actually as durable as leather, while at the same time being water-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean.

Cork is a sustainable and cruelty-free material. Did you know that cork production actually cleans the air? A harvested oak is by law left for 9 years to regrow its bark, thus allowing a single tree to produce multiple harvests, while staying undamaged. During this time, the tree absorbs up to five times more CO2.

As it is a natural wood product, the pattern and texture can vary slightly, making each item subtly unique.

Cork Notions Zip Product Measurements:

  • L 19cm x W 14cm x H 6cm.

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