Thread & Maple - Embroidery Scissors & Cork Scissors Sheath Combo

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The Thread & Maple Embroidery Scissors & Cork Scissors Sheath are a classic combo.

The Thread & Maple Embroidery Scissors are a classically designed pair of elegant embroidery scissors.  Made of high quality stainless steel, these little scissors are specially designed with thin pointy tips to allow precise cutting of yarn and thread for neat results. The clean classic style makes them an easy addition to your essential knitting tools.

The matte black finish won't stain your fingers and the large holes allow for a comfortable grip.

Measuring 9.8cm (3 3/4 inches), they fit perfectly into the Thread & Maple Cork Scissors Case for safekeeping.

They are small enough to bring in your airplane carry-on bag for knitting on your next trip (albeit less relevant these days...)

They come in a natural cork fiber sheath which has a magnetic back, so that it can stick to other magnetic accessories.

This sheath opens to a 5.5cm (2 1/4inch) mouth, tapering to the bottom. The top flap features a snap closure with the Thread & Maple maple leaf emblem engraved, ideal for safekeeping of small scissors.

Cork is a sustainable and cruelty-free material, lightweight and durable. As it is a natural wood product, the pattern and texture can vary slightly, making each item unique.