• Thank You for helping us raise $79K

November 19, 2023

On behalf of team 'Knit for the Girls 2023', Olga & Sam of Thread & Maple, Tracie & Jodi of Grocery Girls and ourselves, THANK YOU!!

Together we raised over $30.7K AUD for the National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia and also $43K CAD for Breast Cancer Canada, a massive combined total of over $79K AUD or $70K CAD for breast cancer research.

NBCF - Australian Fundraiser Tally:


Breast Cancer Canada Fundraiser Tally:

 We are so grateful to everyone for coming together to support this important cause that touches so many lives each year. Your stories of loss, survival and ongoing battles touched us all.

Thank you for supporting, sharing and donating. 

We are truly touched by your generosity and support. Over 85 raffle prizes were awarded this year - a new record!

Congratulations to all who took home a prize and a huge thank you to everyone for donating and sharing.


  • Isa Bartowiak
  • Susan Conyers
  • Jo van Dort
  • Sue Fearnley
  • Sheila Pullin
  • Christina Killoran
  • Joanne Chia
  • Fionna Bourne
  • Lisa Foreman
  • Kathryn Kirkpatrick
  • Hayley Evans
  • Meera Ashar
  • Kate Thackeray
  • Jess Neville
  • Melissa Bolin
  • Mieka Lake
  • Ting Hsi
  • Patrick Koen


  • Bron Hicks
  • Jennifer Kanis
  • Ros Twycross
  • Julianne Griffett
  • Alixandra Brown
  • Susanne Haake
  • Ashley King
  • Amy Jones
  • Marie Dimovski
  • Jacqui Francis
  • Toni Smith
  • Shawn Lim
  • Lisa Cann
  • Jodie Ruth
  • Melinda Niall
  • Christine Cossens
  • Ange Dodd
  • Toni Howland
  • Heather Bender
  • Jenny Boardman
  • Shona Green
  • Christine Hill

We still have some amazing prizes up for grabs in our Tassie Boobs MAL which runs until 30th November.

If you didn’t get a Knit for the Girls Fundraiser Bundle is year but were hoping to, don’t worry! You can still nab one in our shop.  Don’t forget that $30AUD goes directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

To stay tuned for next year’s fundraiser make sure you're signed up to our email newsletter.

We cannot thank you enough for your support - it means so much to us. 

Here's to coming one step closer to zero deaths from breast cancer. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you 💕

 And another BIG BIG thank you to our wonderful sponsors, for sending us so many amazing knitty raffle prizes.  Without their support, Knit for the Girls would not have been possible.