Photo of Karina Moore, Owner/Dyer of Louie & Lola Yarns


Louie & Lola Yarns was opened by Karina Moore in July 2019 and has come about because of a move from the tropical climate of Darwin, Northern Territory to cool climate tasmania in 2014.

Living at the bottom of Mount Roland in rural Tasmania I quickly recognised the need to ‘stay warm’ and grew to appreciate the thermal and breathable properties of wool clothing in the cold Tassie winters.

I picked up the knitting needles after some encouragement from new-found Tassie friends and quickly developed a love for the craft and passion for all things yarn related, especially hand-dyed yarns.

This opened up a whole new world of colour, design and hand crafting for me, shared through the world of Ravelry and knitting podcasts and Instagram.


Living in such a beautiful and pristine rural location, I am surrounded by colour inspiration on a daily basis, so the natural next step in my crafting adventures was learning to hand-dye (which I did in late 2018), with the aim of bringing the beauty of Tasmania to life in my dyepots.

The inspiration for the name Louie & Lola Yarns comes from our new miniature dachshunds, Louie and Lola.

All yarn bases are sourced from ethically produced farms and woollen mills in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, where the producers are committed to maintaining sustainable practices and do not practice mulesing.

My aim is to be as environmentally conscious as possible in my business practices, from my dyeing habits to my choice of fibre, dyes and packaging. My supplies are sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable partners where possible.

In November 2020 I left my former job as a shopping centre manager to focus on Louie & Lola Yarns full-time. At this time we also opened a small Dye Studio Shop and now welcome visits by appointment.

When I'm not dyeing or crafting, I enjoy attending to our rural property where we keep highland cows, ducks, geese, chickens, an orchard and a sizeable veggie patch...all of which Louie and Lola "help" with too!

Thank you for checking out Louie & Lola Yarns!

Happy Crafting,