Chiaogoo Knit Red 9" & 12" Circular Needles


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ChiaoGoo's fixed circular knitting needles have the needle and cables 'fixed' together.  

These 9" and 12" size needles are great for knitting small circumference items in the round, without the need to 'magic loop' or use double pointed needles.

Of the options we stock:

  • 9" length is good for knitting socks and other small circumference items in the round like sleeves on baby garments or cuffs on adult garment sleeves - these needles have straight, rather than bent needle tips (not pictured)
  • 12" length is good for knitting adult sized garment sleeves, hats and larger socks in the round - as pictured, these needles have bent tips.

ChiaoGoo's KNIT RED line of needles offer high quality stainless steel tips, memory free cables, snag-free joints.

The multi-strand, steel cable is coated with red nylon, allowing yarn to glide easily over the needle. 

The needle size is permanently laser imprinted on each stainless steel needle tip, so the size information never 'wears off'.

This listing is for one needle. Please select your needle size and length from the drop-down boxes.

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