Chiaogoo SPIN Bamboo Interchangeable 5" (13cm) Needle Set


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Chiaogoo SPIN Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Sets are our 'go-to' interchangeable wooden needles due to their high quality tips, swivel action cables, snag-free joints and just the right amount of 'point'.

You can choose between Chiaogoo's Small and Complete Sets, both with 5" (13cm) bamboo needle tips:

  • Small [S] Set - 2.75mm to 5.0mm / US 2-8 (does not include 3.0mm) and 3 x Small [S] Clear Nylon SPIN cables
  • Complete [C] Set - 2.75mm to 10.0mm / US 2-15 (does not include 3.0mm) and 6 x Clear Nylon SPIN cables (3 x Small [S] and 3 x Large [L])

They come in a compact fabric case to keep everything organised and ready to go.  All sets include:

  • 13cm / 5″ stainless bamboo needle tips
  • Interchangeable SPIN clear nylon cables in three lengths (20cm, 35cm and 55cm)
  • End stoppers
  • Tightening keys
  • Cable connectors
  • Stitch markers and
  • A needle gauge

All needle tips have a tightening hole to ensure you get a secure connection as well as a 'lifeline hole' so you can easily put in a 'lifeline' whilst knitting.

Additional cables and adapters can be purchased separately. 

SPIN Bamboo tips and cables are interchangeable with the Chiaogoo TWIST stainless steel system tips and cables.

Note: To calculate the complete length of the cable created, add the cable length plus two needles. eg. 13cm tips (x 2) + a 20cm cable make an 46cm cable.

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