Chiaogoo TWIST Blue X-Flex Cables


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Chiaogoo TWIST Blue Cable X-Flex are the same type of cable as the Red TWIST cables, just more flexible.

Use with 8cm interchangeable tips to make small circulars; join these to a longer red TWIST cables with a cable connector to add just a little more length, OR use with your favourite tips to make flexible double points.

Has an Small [S] diameter join, to fit Shortie tip sizes 3.5mm-5mm or TWIST tip sizes 2.75mm to 5.0mm.

When you join them to the interchangeable tips you get a beautifully smooth join with a connection that stays tightly done up.

The cables come with 'lifeline holes' located at each end of the cables. Each cable comes with a T-shaped tightening key to assist with securing your tips to the cable.  

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