Fripperies & Bibelots RingOs Allsorts Stitch Markers


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Fripperies & Bibelot ringOs are snag-free ring stitch markers for knitting that glide on and off your needles and won't dangle or tangle in your finer lace and sock yarns. 

ringOs are made from lightweight anodised aluminium rings and adorned with beautiful seed beads which are glued in place over the join.

ringOs Allsorts is a special set of ringOs in ALL the available ringOs sizes in a totally random selection of colours.  This is a perfect set if you've never tried ringOs before and want to see how they feel or suit your knitting, as a gift or as a spare set in your knitting bag so you've always got the perfect size ringO to hand.

You will receive one ringOs JUMBO (needles up to 12-13mm/US17), three ringOs XL (needles up to 8mm/US11), three ringOs (needles up to 4-5mm/US6-8) and three ringOs Mini (needles up to 3.25mm/US3)

Each set is random so you will not receive the set pictured.

SET OF TEN rings come packaged in their own cute round aluminium screw top tin and will comfortably fit a range of needle sizes from sock knitting size to super-chunky!

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